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"...wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I" [03 Apr 2006|10:13pm]
[ mood | content ]

The more I listen to this new Kingdom Hearts II song, the more I like it. The Japanese version is pretty good. I think I'll download the English version, "Sanctuary", so I can actually sing along. <3

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts II, I've beaten it! There's no doubt that the ending left me with a good, warm feeling in my heart. I was very satisfied.

Well...now what will I do? Complete the cricket's journal and attempt to get a said "secert ending" for doing so. I also have to fight dear Sephiroth. *sigh* Didn't I go through that in the last game? I'm sure I did... Like... 10 times. But he really kicks ass this time. He killed me in like..2 seconds. ;o; Buuh...

Matt beat it before I did. He got the secret ending too. Shoot. I need to compete with people at my level!

My Sanctuary...Collapse )
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Journey's End [01 Apr 2006|10:18pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Kingdom Hearts II was released Tuesday, I have been playing it ever since, and now, Saturday, I am near the games end. I love the game, but to be honest, I think it confuses me a little bit. Heartless, Nobodies, Hearts. o_O And I'm not sure if I understand what "Kingdom Hearts" is. Is it good? Or is it bad? Bad people keep wanting it...soooo... hmmm... I don't know?

The story is a little confusing, to me anyway. But I must admit, there have been a few times in the game where I wanted to shed a tear or two. ;-; It's touching at times.

noted favorites...
Favorite character(s): Naminé and Rikku (=beats herself with a baseball bat= ***RIKU!!! RIKU!!!! THE GUY, NOT THE GIRL! RIKU! X_X). Because they're the only really cool ones. xD lol
Favorite enemy: The Six-Lance Wind Master Nobody. I forgot his name. He was a pain to defeat; I think my team-mates died on me and I was on my last bit of energy when I defeated him. It was quite a relief to win...
Favorite stage: The Pride Lands, because I love running around as a kitty Sora. :3

noted hates...
Least Favorite character(s): Maleficient and Pete. It has nothing to do with them being evil, but everything to do with what they do throughout the game. Which leads me to the question.. "What the hell are you doing?" Plus, Pete seems to really like Maleficient. That's just... kind of weird.
Least Favorite enemy: Genie Jafar. Because fighting him alone and being forced to repeat the same pattern over and over again was dumb.
Least Favorite stage: Tron's Stage. The music was annoying and the colors were kind of getting on my nerves... I think Tron himself was getting on my nerves. xD

And that's all I have to say about that.

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words can be colder than ice... [23 Mar 2006|10:13pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Holy shoot I've been busy... Going to school, coming home for 15 minutes and then leaving to go to work. 4 to 8. Blah... It's boring and tiring. I suppose there are more tiresome jobs to do than mine, but it is certainly boring.

It's cold. Where the hell is the springtime weather? I want my sunshine and spring rain! Not this snowy stuff... Blech.


[17 Mar 2006|09:41pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I never imagined that doing absolutely nothing for 4 hours could make you so sleepy... I'm tired. I'm glad tomorrow is Saturday. It better not snow or I will be sad and angry.


Maybe it's fate.. [14 Mar 2006|09:28pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Matt and I went to a movie at 7:15 on Sunday night. Little did we know that a terrible storm was brewing in the skies over the city of Springfield...

We watched a good 30 minutes of Date Movie until the theater workers came to get us and move us into a storage room. At frist, I was like "Okay, it'll be fine. I'm sure this tornado is far away and I'm sure that it'll be gone within a minute or so..." I wasn't too worried. Matt and I sat together in the crowded room of people, holding each other by the hand. Thank god he was there with me... I don't think I would have been very brave if he hadn't been.

10 minutes of sitting in the storage room, the lights suddenly go out and we were left in the dark. People started taking out their cell phones to use their glowy screens as a source of light. We also had a radio in the room, so we all quieted down to listen to it, and then we heard the man on the radio say "Gordmans has just been hit" and the room filled with paniced whispers and murmurs.

Through it all, I kept pretty calm... I felt a little nervous, but Matt kept reassuring me that everything would be okay and he wouldn't let anything bad happen to me. ;-; He was so brave and calm. I admire him so much.

The tornado ended up bypassing our theater, and went right by to hit Walmart and Knights Action Park.

After the first storm, some people left without hesitation, but then authorities came along and discovered two powerlines down RIGHT at the exit of the theater, and they deemed it unsafe to leave. SOooooo... about 100 people were stuck inside the theater that night.

The rest of the night consisted of sitting in the hallways/lobby, eating free chips and water, going back and forth into the storage room, and trying to get some sleep. Let me tell you, the theater floor is very uncomfortable... It also got very cold into the night. Without any electricity there wasn't any heat or anything. :\

Eventually, we were let out. At 6 in the morning!

Matt and I didn't get a chance to see the damaged part of the city. We had to go around it. We went back to my house to catch a few hours of sleep...

My weekend was quite an adventure... I need to take a video game back to Family Video soon. I'm going to try to catch a glimpse of the aftermath. All I know is that BK is gone. Oh noooo....

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not in school! [07 Mar 2006|01:04pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm not in school because I didn't do my housing project. Ha ha. Actually I went to school to go to my important classes, then left after lunch. I'm too much of a bad kid. <3 Oh well.

Taffy Goddess 14: Ali, I'm gonna show you what I was talking about yesterday. XD
Taffy Goddess 14: H/o
Taffy Goddess 14: Victoria's Secret - Tangas Voila!
Taffy Goddess 14: Half thong, half panty! XDD
IX nonusofsaturn: xD
IX nonusofsaturn: Lorn. That's like something you wear when you know you're gonna get some. xD lol
Taffy Goddess 14: I know. XD
Taffy Goddess 14: They're funny, though. XD
IX nonusofsaturn: You're funny. xD lol
Taffy Goddess 14: Buahaha. XD

Maybe I should purchase some. I hear you feel "free" when you wear them. xD lol

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cam-hoin'-it-up! [26 Feb 2006|06:14pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well, this weekend has been pretty fun. ^_^

Went with Ashley, Hannah, Danie and Omy(can't spell her full name!;;) to go kareoke-ing at the bowling alley. Turns out you have to be 21 to get into the bar holding the kareoke. So, that plan was scratched. So, we called Casey to see if he was doing anything, and he invited us over to do nothing with him. So we accepted and journeyed to his house to have a fun-filled night of the Boondocks and Magic the Gathering. We didn't play Magic the Gathering. We just threw the cards at each other, because I swear Casey has a thousand- if not more-- of these cards.

Got home at 12:35 and went to bed...

Got up, and ran some errands for my mom. After leaving Super Wal-Mart, I ran over to EBGames to sell a few games of mine and to reserve a copy of Kingdom Hearts II (comes out March 29th! :O).

So, I was quite productive today. I also bought Peanut a new collar. <3 You can see a picture of her right now. In some of my cam-ho photos. :D

ya-yah grill, ya-ya-yah grillCollapse )
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"9 million fans can't be wrong! :D" [20 Feb 2006|07:35pm]
[ mood | content ]

Well, today has been slightly productive. I applied at Panera and Family Video. I hope I get a call from Family Video... I can't stand being around too many people.

I watched "What the Bleep do We Know!?" today... xD It was rather interesting. It kind of tied science and spirituality together into one nicely done movie. It talked about how although it might seem like we have no control over reality, we infact do. The things we do, and the things we think affect the world around us. It a neat movie.

And on another random note, I got a prom dress today. It's quite pretty. :3 Mom says I need to start tanning again. Buuh.. xD

Bowling trip tomorrow! YEAY! xD

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"Hell no I won't marry you! Gosh! Gosh-gosh-gosh-gosh!" [19 Feb 2006|12:20am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I went to see Date Movie with Hannah, Ash, Lauren, Chris, and Cory. xD It was really funny. And not too dirty. It wasn't very long either, probably about and hour and a half. I kind of wish that we would have done something afterwards... I'm not tired at all. Well... maybe a little.

Holy crap it's cold. ._. I am so cold right now. What the heck is up with this whether? It looked nice outside, but really it was like...8 degrees. o_O I can't wait for spring to come!

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awww..kuroneko-sama.. [11 Feb 2006|09:47pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to mold myself into something better. I feel like I try to be better, but it never turns out the way I want. I'm either too shy or too annoying. Lately... I feel like something is wrong. Maybe it's my imagination, but I feel like something isn't right in my life.

Or maybe I'm just sick, and coughing, sneezing, and runny-nosing and I'm drunk of cough medicine! Either way, I hope things become better...

how could this face NOT cheer you up?

Maybe Kuroneko-sama will make me feel better? He's so sweet.

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*sneeze-sneeze* uuh.. [10 Feb 2006|11:20pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Happy birthday Shea-chan. :3 <3 Welcome to the club of people who are 18.

I'm quite sickly. Too much coughing and sneezing... Gross.

My leg is hurting. It might have something to do with PE. But it also might have something to do with this medicine I've been taking.... Uuumm... the only reason I like it is that it really knocks me out. 2 1/2 teaspoons of it can send me to dream land within 7 minutes. But last time I took it, and I don't know if it was the cause of it during my time of sickness, I got these muscle aches. I thought I had taken the medicine far enough apart, in the morning and then late at night. Once in my leg, and another time in my chest and jaw, it felt like I couldn't breath. It was really annoying, and kind of painful. I didn't know what else to do, so I took more of it, which sent me back to sleep for the rest of the night. The next morning, I woke up and read the bottle of the medicine.... And that's when I saw the lable "USE BEFORE 2004" uuuum... it's 2006. I think it's past it's prime....

So, now I'll stick to the normal cough medicine...but it's only children's medicine. It doesn't have the umph that I need to get well. xD blech... I better bundle up, take some children's benydril(sp, blah) and sleep with a roll of toilet paper next to me. x,x

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so tired...too tired.. [06 Feb 2006|04:51pm]
[ mood | content ]

I do hope that I get hired. I applied at a veternary clinic in a nearby town, part-time, nothing too big really. Mom suspects just cleaning, feeding and grooming and such. Which I'm well capable of doing, and I love animals anyway, so that's all good. And if I don't get that, I might apply at a hiring greenhouse. I like animals and plants, they don't talk too much. xD

Uuumm...MTV shows are really retarded. Wtf? Parental Control? It's about parents who get a chance to choose a different boyfriend/girlfriend for their kid because they hate the current bf/gf. Srsly, that's scripted. There's no way that it isn't.
And now there's something about guys dating moms to get to know their daughters!? But this guy is gay soooo...he's dating moms to get to know...their sons. So. This is really strange. And these shows make no sense.

God I'm tired.

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[31 Jan 2006|07:29pm]
I miss Matt-sama a lot...I think his phone is dead or something. He says he's on vacation, but where is he on vacation? Matt-sama, where are you my hunny luv?

I feel like infecting people with SotC. I think I might ask Mr. P if he's ever played it, then force it upon him like a crazed molestor. I know that he plays PS2, he talks about it all the time and he knows what it's like to stay up hours on end just playing a game deep into the darkness of night and into the first light of day. So I do want to ask him if he's ever heard of Shadow of the Colossus, but I think I'm too shy to. There's a lot of people in our class that don't care for video games too much. I feel like such a dork whenever I mention how much I love them.

Well, now I need to clean my room and play some more SotC. xD Bye.

Okaaaay... [30 Jan 2006|10:58pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I had to work tonight, and I swear that I take my job more seriously than some of the nurses at the villa. I got a call from one of my co-workers that works in the kitchen and he needed a number of one of the nurses. I didn't know the number, and I had no employee list to give him the number. "I know there's one at nurses station A" so I thought, "Okay! I'll get the nurse on station A to get you the number." So I put him on hold, and paged the nurse twice until she picked up his call. A few moments later, I see he's on hold again. The nurse came up to my desk and said, "I don't know the number off the top of my head. Don't you have a list here?" "No, and if there's one in the desk, I don't know where it is." The receptionist desk is huge, with countless folders and files; I couldn't get some of the drawers to open either. "Isn't there one at station A? He said there was one there.." "Yeah, but I'm eating and I'm not going to go down there now." Argh, that irked me a bit, because station A is just down the hallway! With a brisk walk you could reach it in a minute or two, pull out the list and give the guy the number, and then walk back down to finish eating! It wouldn't take that long to accomplish.

So, I try to take matters into my own hands. I first checked the break room, which did not have an employee phone list. Then, I went to station A myself, and when I got there I couldn't find the list. There were binders of resident papers, doctor papers, and other dealings that my receiptionist occupation was not required to worry about.
While looking around, an old man asked me to copy a flyer or something... I tried to, but then I remembered that I didn't know how to work a copier..

I hurried back to my co-worker on the phone and told him the situation. I couldn't find the number at all, I had checked everywhere, and the station A nurse wasn't going to get it for him. I told him to just try back later.. He said he would and immediately hung up.

This was the first thing that annoyed me tonight. The second thing was when two people called, both of them asking for the station A and station B nurses. I had to have paged them both 5 times before giving up and asking to take messages and to call back later. e_e

The moral of this story is that I don't like being a recieptionist. But at least I do my job and I do it well enough that I actually want to help people sometimes. Those nurses were both fat and lazy. They both should have stopped eating and walked to station A. God.

....completely off topic now, I want the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack. The music in the game sends my spirit soaring across the starry night sky like a hawk riding the winds of destiny!

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too much stuff [28 Jan 2006|06:22pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Trying to organize my drawings on my computer... it's tough. I'm probably going to delete my old and ugly ones. I mean... I still have them clumped away in a huge folder thing. And no one REALLY needs to see them. xD

I noticed I have a lot of Amynta drawings. More than any of my other characters. She's so floaty and mysterious and cute.

She kind of reminds me of Chii...Collapse )
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it's hard to be an artist.. [26 Jan 2006|08:18pm]
[ mood | sick ]

One prismacolor marker = $3
five primacolor marker pack = $20

wtf? No wonder artist become poor. It's because they spend all their money on something they love so much! Well...not I. I'm going to stick with my mechanical pencils a bit longer. But mark my words, once I get $6 to spend, I'm getting myself a black and gray marker. After that I'll start getting the primary color markers.

I learned how to bake chocolate chip cookies tonight. <3 They're really yummy. I'm brining them tomorrow for American Dream class.

Dale hasn't been at school lately... He's been really sick and I hope he gets well soon because everyone at school really misses him. I miss him too.

My nose has been really runny and I've been sneezing a lot lately. I'm really tempted to take that congestion medicine I have, but I think it messed me up a little last time... I think I might have taken too much. Blah.

I need a new game to plaaaaay.... I think I might replay Shadow of the Colossus again. I <3 Agro.

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"I also dreamt, which pleased me most, that you loved me still the same.." [21 Jan 2006|11:20am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I miss Spring. I miss the sun, and the flowers, and the birds that sing. I miss the warm weather and I miss driving around with the windows down. I can't wait for the winter months to finally be over with.. I'm tired of this weather.

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"You're in Cool World now! :D" [15 Jan 2006|12:15pm]
[ mood | calm ]

There IS no way to explain the movie "Cool World" It was made in 1992, has a young Brad Pitt in it, and consits of a stroyline about a cartoon doodle lady wanting to get laid with a real person. So...basically.... "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" on more crack than it already is. Lauren and I watched it last night, and afterwards we kinda had that "no comment" silence. xD Strange.

Mom forced me to fill out job apps last night. Argh. Blah. I hate filing out apps. And I hate answering questions like "Why do you want to work here?" Hmmmm....because I need money? Because I have to or my mom will hate me? Blah.

After filling out apps to Starbucks and Pizza Hut, I decided to give it a rest then. xD So Lauren and I went to Barnes and Noble and we got some books. I managed to get my hands on "The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead" xD It always reminds of Resident Evil when I read it..

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stealing from friends! [11 Jan 2006|11:37pm]
1. Name:
2. Birthday:
3. Place of residence:
4. Favorite ice-cream novelty:
5. What are you listening to now/have listened to last:
6. Do you read my lj:
7. If you do, what is particularly good/bad about it:
8. An interesting fact about you:
9. Do you have a crush at the moment:
10. Favourite place to be:
11. Favourite lyric:
12. Best time of the year:
13. Best album of 2005:
14. Where would you take me/where would you like me to take you on a date:

1. A film:
2. A book:
3. A band, a song and an album:

1. One thing you like about me:
2. Two things you like about yourself:
3. Put this in your lj so I can tell you what I think of you.

" 1000 words... suspended on silver wings... " [11 Jan 2006|11:03pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well, the past week has been pretty good and such. Got out of Chemistry, thank god. And into PE. xD It's surprisingly not too bad, really. Hannah and a few other girls I know are there, which was a relief to me.

I had to rearrange my entire schedule, and one of the changes was getting out of mythology class (I already had taken it once). And to be honest, the mythology class I had taken was with a great teacher, but sadly she's retired now. So Mrs. BS teaches it now, and even though I'm no longer in her class, I know that she'll make it terrible. She doesn't even know ANYTHING about mythology. The only gods she knew about in the beginning were Zeus and Aphrodite. e_e; That's pretty bad. If you're a teacher, you should probably study up on the subject you're teaching. You don't even have to study that much for it. Just get a cheap $5 greek/roman gods/goddesses dictionary.

I am a little sorry that I can't be in that class anymore though. I do miss being with all my friends, Lauren, Dale, and Emily. They say they miss me too, and it's not the same without me. Emily said that I always livened things up in mythology and study hall. It feels nice to be missed and wanted back...

--I almost forgot to mention... Has anyone else read "Anthem" by Ayn Rand? Or "Fountainhead?" Very good book. Very crazy author. In American Dream class, we're watching "The Passion of Ayn Rand" and apparently she led one freaky life. o_O Her philosphy was that people should always think for themselves and not be led by others, but her life almost completely condradicts her philosophy. She was such a strange woman.

hmm..well, I think I'm done for now. goodnight everyone.

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